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2022 Fraser River sockeye escapement assessment plan

The Fraser River Sockeye Stock Assessment Program has a mandate to provide reliable escapement estimates for all Fraser River Sockeye populations. Individual populations are assessed using standard assessment methods, with the choice of method determined by the number of spawners expected to return by population. High precision techniques such as enumeration fences, hydroacoustic (DIDSON or ARIS SONAR) and mark-recapture assessments are used for populations with expected escapements of 75,000 or more (the actual technique is based on local characteristics), and visual surveys are used for populations with expected escapements of less than 75,000. The 2022 plan is as follows Footnote 1:

2022 Fraser river sockeye escapement reporting

Preliminary estimates are based on data that have been entered into the computer database at the completion of the field project. Data accuracy has not been verified and bias tests have not been performed (e.g., mark-recapture studies). Significant changes in preliminary estimates are possible. The anticipated release schedule for Preliminary estimates is: Early Run (Stuart) in early November; Early Summer Run in early December; Summer Run in early January; and Late Run in early February 2023.

Near Final estimates are based on data that have been verified for accuracy, tested for bias and corrected for age composition (adults vs. jacks). Changes in near final estimates are unlikely. Near Final estimates will be available for all run groups in March 2023.

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