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Category 1: New Entrants - fisher's registration card

Obtaining a DFO fisher’s registration card (FRC) a.k.a. Deckhand’s licence or Personal licence

YES? ‐ If you have answered yes to all three of the questions above then you need to ‘Self‐Register’ for the National Online Licensing System – see steps 1, 2 and 3 below.

STEP 1: Preparation

To register and use the National Online Licensing System NOLS, you will need:

* Primary ID – see complete list of acceptable Primary ID below.

STEP 2: Self-Registration

Getting your GCKey: (Government of Canada Key – user credentials used to log into Govnt. online systems.)

STEP 3: Submit a Request

Upon completing ‘Self Registration’, while logged into your account:

Please note that you must provide the following:

  1. Proof of Authorization to work in Canada by providing one of the following pieces of identification as a digital file using the ‘Upload Document’ feature in ‘Submit a Request’:

    Primary Identification:
    • Canadian Birth Certificate
    • Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad
    • Canadian Citizenship Card
    • Canadian Passport (Valid)
    • Canadian Seaman's ID Card
    • Canadian Baptimal Papers
    • Indian Status Card (Valid)
    • Naturalization Papers/Card (American)
    • Service Discharge Papers
    • Permanent Resident Card (Valid)
    • Refugee Status/Conventional Refugee
    • Employment Authorization (Valid)
    • Dept. of National Defense (DND),RCMP
    • Vancouver Police Department
    • Statutory Declaration
    • Band Card-Issued by the Band

    Note: acceptable file formats are *.pdf and image file formats such as TIF, JPG, PNG & GIF.

  2. A $60 Licence Fee. For your information the $60 FRC Licence fee is comprised of:
    1. $50 licence fee and $10 Conservation Fee which may be directed in whole or part to either the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation (TBS) or the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF);
    2. Please advise whether you would like:
      1. $10 to be directed to the TSB;
      2. $10 to be directed to the PSF;
      3. $5 each to TBS and PSF;
      4. If you do not advise then the default election is $5 each to TBS and PSF

  3. If there are no delays you may expect to receive email notification within 2 working days that the $60 FRC licence fee is available to be paid. Please check the ‘Request Status’, in the interim, to ensure that the Pacific Fishery Licence Unit has not asked for any further documentation or clarification.

  4. You may log into your NOLS account again and go to the ‘Pay Fees’ menu selection and pay the $60 fee as displayed on screen.  Full instructions.

  5. Within 2 hours of submitting the $60 FRC payment you may expect email notification that your FRC is available in your NOLS account to print

  6. You may log into your NOLS account again and go to the ‘Print Documents’ menu selection and print your Fisher’s Registration Card and Receipt as required. Full instructions.

National Online Licensing System (NOLS) Client Support:

Telephone: 1‐877‐535‐7307

Fax: 604‐666‐5855

E‐Mail: fishing‐peche@dfo‐

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