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Rockfish conservation areas
Area 20-21 - Dare Point - Chart 3602

Map - Dare Point

Dare Point

Those waters of Area 21 inside a line that:

begins at 48°39.700'N 124°49.181'W near Clos-oose
then southerly following the
shoreline of Vancouver Island to
48°38.433'N 124°47.767'W Vancouver Island
then to 48°38.600' N 124°49.900'W in water


Those waters of Subarea 20-1, Area 21, Subarea 121-1 that lie inside a line that:

begins at 48°37.350'N 124°45.847'W Vancouver Island
then to 48°37.000'N 124°46.800'W in water
then to 48°34.500'N 124°41.500'W in water
then to 48°35.100'N 124°40.774'W Vancouver Island

then following the Vancouver Island shoreline to the beginning point.

RCA inset map Dare Point

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