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Report a fisheries violation

Contact us at "Observe Record Report" (ORR)

Report all poachers and polluters

While you’re out fishing, if you see any wildlife or environmental offences in non-marine areas, call British Columbia’s "Report All Poachers and Polluters" (RAPP) line at 1-877-952-RAPP (7277).

One way you can help protect the fisheries is to stop violations before they happen. The watchful eyes of everyone who fishes can deter possible violators. If you see an offence, think ORR: Observe, Record, Report.

Observe what the person is doing. Some common violations are:

Record what you observe. As soon as possible, write down what you’ve seen. Include these details:

Report what you see by contacting us through these channels.

Privacy notice statement

Please be advised that calls to the Observe, Record and Report Line may be monitored or recorded in order to facilitate accurate information management and quality assurance. Choosing to call the Observe, Record and Report lines, knowing that the calls may be monitored or recorded, serves as your express consent to be monitored or recorded. The information you provide during this call is collected under the authority of section 2 of the Criminal Code, sections 5 and 49-56 of the Fisheries Act, sections 85 and 115-118 of the Species At Risk Act, section 3 of the Coastal Fisheries Protection Act, subsection 33(1)(c) and sections 35 and 39 of the Oceans Act and sections 174 -184 of the Canada Shipping Act for the purpose of administering the monitoring, control and surveillance program, aimed at detecting and deterring illegal activities under DFO’s mandate. The information may be used for, but not limited to, enforcement and investigations, program planning or management, reporting, safety or security purposes, audit, evaluation, statistical analysis, research and policy development, and may be shared with third party service providers under contract with DFO. You have the right to the correction of, access to, and protection of, your personal information under the Privacy Act and to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada over DFO’s handling of your information. Personal information collected through the processing of your call is described in the DFO Personal Information Bank DFO PPU 075 and can be accessed and assessed for accuracy.

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