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Pacific Salmon Commercial Transition Program

Under the Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative (PSSI), the Pacific Salmon Commercial Transition Program will provide harvesters with the option to retire their licences for fair market value and will facilitate the transition to a smaller commercial harvesting sector. All individual commercial salmon licence holders will have an opportunity to participate in this initiative.

This initiative responds to many years of requests for assistance from commercial salmon harvesters, as declining Pacific salmon returns have resulted in greatly reduced fishing opportunities and made economic viability in this industry a significant challenge.

In addition to providing licence holders with a key opportunity to exit the industry while receiving a fair market value for their licence, this program will help gradually address factors affecting the long term sustainability of the fisheries by transitioning it to a smaller size. This will support the improved financial viability of fisheries well after the program ends.

Over the coming months we will engage with commercial salmon licence holders to consider the design and implementation of the program.

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