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Big Bar landslide response information bulletin

June 5 2020

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Ongoing onsite operations

This week, river levels subsided and allowed prime contractor, Peter Kiewit Sons ULC (Kiewit), to advance work at the Big Bar landslide site. However, weather conditions continue to challenge the crews onsite.

Kiewit’s focus at the West Beach concentrated on the installation of the Whooshh Passage Portal™ and building the infrastructure required for its operation. Crews completed the platform on which the Whooshh™ system is to be mounted. Work continues on anchoring the hanger system for the high tension cables that will support the transport tubes.

Other related efforts this week included:

Together with First Nation fisheries technicians, we prepared and tested the equipment at the concrete fish ladder as part of the “truck and transport” system. This system will be used to transport fish for release upstream at French Bar Creek just until the Whooshh™ is operational.

As of June 3, the French Bar Creek Fish Holding Facility is fully operational. It will support emergency conservation enhancement efforts. Fish selected for the enhancement program will be genetically tested and then transported to one of several hatcheries. The genetic testing identifies the stock or origin of each salmon.

Finally, regarding the arrival of salmon at the site, only 2 chinook have been observed to date.

Current images of work being done at the landslide site

Picture of the landslide site
Installing a Whooshh Passage Portal™ component inside the concrete fish ladder. Click to enlarge.
Picture of the landslide site
Continuing this week, mounting of the tube hangers that will carry the fish over the slide site. Click to enlarge.
Picture of the landslide site
Aerial view of the French Bar Creek site. Click to enlarge.
Picture of the landslide site
Aerial overview of the West Beach from this week, including the concrete fish ladder. Click to enlarge.
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