North Coast community advisors

Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii community advisor


Telephone: 236-330-2320

Fax: 250-559-4678


Mailing Address:
PO Box 208
Queen Charlotte City, BC
V0T 1S0

Community involvement groups

Sandspit Salmon Enhancement Society

Peter Grundmann
PO Box 438, Sandspit V0T 1T0
Telephone: 250-637-5499 (Peter)

Members/ Students - 8
Initiated 1996. Satellite hatchery, Streamkeepers, bio-reconnaissance at Baxter, Haans, Blaine & Sachs Creeks.

Chown Brook Group

Currently inactive
Initiated 1985. Adult enumeration, juvenile escapement, bio-reconnaissance at Chown Brook.

Hecate Strait Streamkeepers

Deborah Pearson
Box 975, Queen Charlotte City
Telephone: 250-559-8715
Email: hssk (at)

Members/ Students - 21
Initiated 1996. Streamkeepers, bio-reconnaissance, restoration in Skidegate Inlet streams.

Northern Trollers Association

Neil Davies
PO Box 21, Queen Charlotte City V0T 1S0
Telephone: 250-559-4649

Members/ Students - 6
Initiated 1989. Satellite hatchery, bio-reconnaissance, habitat improvement on Tarundl, McMillan, South Bay, Cameron Creeks and Honna River.

Old Masset (CEDP)

Darren Edgars
Box 189, Masset V0T 1M0
Telephone: 250-626-5115

Members/ Students - 6
Initiated 1978. Hatchery, assessments on Yakoun River.

Port Clements Salmon Enhancement Group

Judy Hadley & Dwight Welwood
PO Box 333, Port Clements V0T 1R0
Telephone: 250-557-4457

Members/ Students - 5
Initiated 1983. Mini-hatchery and bio-reconnaissance on Mamin River.

Haida Gwaii Salmon Unlimited Society

Barry Mark
Box 683, Masset V0T 1M0
Telephone: 250-626-3758

Members/ Students - 10
Initiated 1998. Satellite hatchery, assessment, bio-reconnaissance in Masset Inlet streams.

Tlell Watershed Society

Lynn Lee
PO Box 81, Tlell V0T 1R0
Telephone: 250-557-4453

Members/ Students - 15
Initiated 1986. Streamkeepers, Adult coho counting fence, bio-reconnaissance, land use planning on Tlell River watershed.

Education activity

School District 50

12 School Incubators
Instruction Workshops - Life Cycle, Macro Invertebrates, Beach Seines
6 Dissection Workshops
120 Students

Living and Learning School

Queen Charlotte Education Society
Bobbi-Lee Chatelaine
PO Box 850, Queen Charlotte City V0T 1S0
Telephone: 250-559-8757

Members/ Students - 22
Initiated 1997.Classroom incubation, stream clean ups and inter-tidal studies on Tarundl and Honna Creeks.

Northern Interior and North Coast

Northern Interior and North Coast community advisor


Telephone: 250-615-5354

Fax: 250-615-5364


Mailing Address:
5235 Keith Ave.
Terrace, BC
V8G 1L2

Photo of Rob Dams

"The North Coast region is truly fortunate because of its gorgeous surroundings, its scope of habitats and its wonderful volunteers that I have the privilege of working with. There are countless people who unfailingly give their time and energy to a wide variety of projects in habitat enhancement and restoration, stock production, assessment, stewardship and education. I highly value their dedication to a resource that we share a passion for and commitment to. I'd like to thank them for their ongoing effort.

Salmon and their streams are but a small part of the bigger picture we call the planet's "environment." If we can continue to work together as a team within our own communities to enhance and protect what so many take for granted, then we will have been successful. That's our continuing goal."

– Rob Dams, CA

Main enhancement facility

Kitimat River Hatchery

Initiated 1983
Box 197, Kitimat V8C 2G7

Telephone: 250-639-9888
Fax: 250-639-9220

Community involvement groups

Gitanyow Fisheries Authority - Kitwanga

Mark Cleveland
Telephone: 250-849-5373

Number of Members/Students - 45 incl. students
Initiated 1985. Enhancement, assessment and education on the Kitwanga Lake.

Greater Terrace Beautification Society

Chris Hansen
Telephone: 250-635-1049

Number of Members/Students - 15
Initiated 1993. Terrace area and Howe Creek.

Hartley Bay (CEDP)

Stan Robinson
General Delivery, Hartley Bay V0V 1A0
Telephone: 250-841-2558

Number of Members/Students - 2 FT, 3 PT
Initiated 1979. Hatchery, rearing, stocking and smolt release on Hartley Bay Creek, Whalen, Red Bluff, Sylvia, Angler Cove and Upper Hartley Bay lakes.

Kitimat Rod and Gun Association

Albert Hummel
PO Box 121, Kitimat, V8G 2G6
Telephone: 250-632-3555

Number of Members/Students - 10
Initiated 1997. Stream inventory and habitat restoration within the Kitimat Valley.

Kitimat Valley Naturalist Club

Dennis Horwood
Kitimat V8C 2R5
Telephone: 250-632-2004

Number of Members/Students - 6
Initiated 2003. Mapping eelgrass on Douglas Channel and habitat restoration.

Lakelse Watershed Stewardship Society

Kelly Kline
PO Box 124, Terrace V8G 4A2
Telephone: 250-798-2535

Lake survey, adult sockeye and coho stream counts, stewardship, education and public awareness.

Nisga’a Fisheries

PO Box 228, New Aiyansh V0J 1A0
Telephone: 250-633-2617

Habitat restoration, assessment, stewardship and education.

Northwest Watershed Enhancement Society

Ron Anderson
Terrace V8G 2B9
Telephone: 250-635-3189

Number of Members/Students - 12
Initiated 1981. Eby Street Hatchery, coho outplanting and school support on Spring Creek and the Zymacord River.

Oona River Resource Association

Janet Lemon
PO Box 80, Oona River V0V 1E0
Telephone: 250-624-3241

Number of Members/Students - 14
Initiated 1982. Mini-hatchery on Oona River.
Species: coho, pink and chum.

Prince Rupert Salmonid Enhancement Society (Oldfield Creek Hatchery)

PRSES: Brittany Fenwick
PO Box 1098, Prince Rupert V8G 4B4
Telephone: 250-624-6733

Number of Members/Students - 10/30
Initiated 1983. Streamkeepers, mini-hatchery, school support, college accredited course for Oldfield, Dianna, Hays, Kloiya Creeks and Northwest Comm. College - Prince Rupert Campus

The Stewart Bear and Salmon Interpretive Centre Society

Jean-Lousi Imbs
PO Box 862, Stewart, V0T 1W0
Telephone: 250-636-2344

Number of Members/Students - 15
Initiated 1997. Habitat improvement, stewardship and shoreline clean-up.

Terrace Salmonid Enhancement Society (Stock Assessment)

Ian Riemenschneider
PO Box 21, Terrace V8G 4A2
Telephone: 250-635-3471

Number of Members/Students - 3
Initiated 1980. Hatchery, assessment, tagging, creel census, genetic sampling on Kalum River.

World Wildlife Fund

Mike Ambach
437 Ave W. #3, Prince Rupert V8G 1L6
Telephone: 250-624-3705

Number of Members/Students - 3
Shorekeepers, eelgrass mapping, stream clean-ups and education.

Education activity

Terrace School District

9 School Incubators
380 Students

Nass Valley School District

2 School Incubators
50 Students

Kitwanga School District

1 School Incubator
30 Students

Kitimat School District

3-4 School Incubators
75 Students

Stewart School District

1 School Incubator
65 Students

Prince Rupert School District

9 School Incubators
200 Students

Smithers and Northwestern BC

Smithers and Northwestern BC community advisor


Telephone: 250-847-5298

Fax: 250-847-4723


Mailing Address:
PO Box 578
Smithers, BC
V0J 2N0

Photo of Natalie Newman

I find it very rewarding to help facilitate people to protect salmon and their habitat in the Upper Skeena Watershed. Salmon will only remain resilient if we protect and care for their ecosystems, and it takes many hands to do this. Communities that we serve including the Hazelton’s, Ans’Payaxw (Kispiox), Witset (Moricetown), Wit'ane Keh (Ft Babine), Smithers, Houston, Burns Lake, Tachet, Granisle, among others.

The long standing Stream to Sea program is robust in the Upper Skeena. We currently have 15 incubators (Salmonids in the Classroom) in elementary schools. Kids have the unique opportunity to rear salmon from egg to fry. We deliver lessons on Salmon Life Cycles and Ecosystems, Climate Change, ecological footprint, aquatic invertebrates and sustainability. The children, teachers and parents release their fry to natal streams in the spring. The streamkeepers program exists for all ages.

Projects in the Upper Skeena are varied and I have the privilege of working with groups such as, but not limited to, the Chicago Creek Community Environmental Enhancement Society in Hazelton, Mission Creek Focus Group, Lake Babine Nation, Wet'suwet'en Nation, Houston Streamkeepers (A Rocha Group), Upper Bulkley Roundtable, Toboggan Creek Salmon and Steelhead Enhancement Society, Skeena Meadows, and the Steelhead Society (Northern Chapter). We promote environmental stewardship, first and foremost, and assess fish populations and their habitat, monitor water quality and quantity, enhance salmon stocks, and restore fish habitat.

If you want to get involved in protecting salmon or have a project in mind please don’t hesitate to contact me! Take only what you need, tread light and leave without a trace.

Chicago Creek Environmental Enhancement Society

Ian Johnston
PO Box 682, New Hazelton, V0J 2J0
Telephone: 250-842-6971

Number of Members/Students - 30
Initiated 1993. Enumeration Fence Operation and Streamkeepers on Waterfalls, Station and Mission Creeks.

A Rocha Canada

Cindy Verbeek
Box 186, Houston, BC V0J 1Z0
Telephone: 250-845-2222

Inititated in 2006. Partnership with various other environmental groups regarding streamkeepers activities and environmental stewardship. Watershed Stewardship Centre in Houston (including planned stewardship hatchery), Houston Streamkeepers, Earth Day/Rivers Day events in Houston.

Fort Babine CEDP - Lake Babine Nation

Donna MacIntyre
PO Box 879, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0
Telephone: 250-847-9209

Number of Members/Students - 4 FT, 4 PT
Initiated 1984/1985. Mobile Interpretive Kiosk, Events throughout the LBN territory, water quality and quantity monitoring, habitat monitoring and access management for wild babine sockeye spawners. Hatchery no longer operating.

McKinnon Creek Rehabilitation Project

Lana Miller, Resource Restoration Div.
PO Box 578, Smithers V0J 2N0
Telephone: 250-847-4892

Number of Members/Students - 5
Initiated 2004. Partnership between CIP, RRD, MOT and local landowners. Enhancement of culvert pools as juvenile salmonid over-wintering habitat.

Ministry of Environment

Anne Hetherington
Bag 5000, Smithers V0J 2N0

Initiated in 2007. Environmental groups, federal and provincial agencies work together to create maps to identify sensitive terrestrial and aquatic habitats for use by Subdivision and other groups.

Mission Creek Focus Group

Ian Johnson
Box 682 New Hazelton, B.C. V0J 2J0
Telephone: 250-842-6971

Number of Members/Students - 10
Inititated in 2003. Partnership between Chicago Creek Society, DFO, District of New Hazelton, CN Rail, MOTI, Gitxsan Watershed Authority, and other community stakeholders to protect Mission Creek watershed.

Skeena Meadows Wildlife Preserve

Martin Knutson/Karen McMaster
Box 643, New Hazelton, B.C. V0J 2J0
Telephone: 250-842-6400

Number of Members/Students - 6
Inititated in 2010.

Toboggan Creek Salmon and Steelhead Society Toboggan Creek Hatchery CEDP

Kris Bulloch (Hatchery Manager)
8804 Owens Road Smithers, BC. V0J2N1
Telephone: 250-847-4458

Number of Members/Students - 10 members and 5 staff.

Bulkley Valley Rod and Gun Club

Frank Guillon (Vice-President)
Box 2976, Smithers, BC. V0J2N0
Telephone: 250-847-2370
Telephone: 250-877-8446

Club Creek Restoration, conservation, stream assessments

Education activity

School District 54

12 School Incubators
70 classroom sessions
15 dissections
420 students

School District 91

4 School Incubators
20 classroom sessions
4 dissections
120 students

School District 88

4 School Incubators
20 classroom sessions
4 dissections
120 students

Central Coast

Central Coast: Cape Caution to Caamano Sound, east to Tatla Lake community advisor


Telephone: 250-982-2663

Fax: 250-982-2439


Mailing Address:
PO Box 340
Hagensborg, BC
V0T 1H0

Photo of Ian Douglas

"Currently Mcloughlin Hatchery, a CEDP facility managed by the Heiltsuk First Nation in Bella Bella, has a release target of 1.8 million chum fry and 43,500 coho smolts. Their Emily Creek AFS sockeye facility has a release target of 80,000 fry.

The Kitasoo Xai'xais First Nation manage a CEDP hatchery in Klemtu that has a target production of 1.08 million chum fry and 43,000 coho smolts. Their Victor Creek AFS sockeye facility produces 45,000 fry.

In August 2016 the Percy Walkus Fisheries Enhancement Facility was opened in Wuikinuxv. Jointly funded by Duncanby Lodge and Good Hope Cannery, this community hatchery will be raising Waanukv chinook, Chuckwalla and Killbella chinook, and Waanukv chum.

Pacific Wild Alliance provides education programs and watershed stewardship in the Bella Bella area while the Central Coast Fishermans Protection Society provides outreach education in the Bella Coola valley. The Bella Coola Watershed Conservation Society coordinates local watershed projects."

- Ian Douglas

Main enhancement facility

Snootli Creek Hatchery

Initiated 1979
John Willis
Box 95, Bella Coola V0T 1C0

Telephone: 250-982-2214
Fax: 250-982-2971

Community involvement groups

Bella Bella (CEDP)

Andrea Larsen
Heiltsuk Band Council, Box 880, Waglisla V0T 1Z0
Telephone: 250-957-2661

Number of Members/Students - 3
Initiated 1977. Hatchery, sea pens and education on MacLoughlin Creek.

Bella Bella (AFS)

Richard Reid
Heiltsuk Band Council, Box 880, Waglisla V0T 1Z0
Telephone: 250-957-2303

Number of Members/Students - 3
Initiated 2000. Hatchery on Emily Creek, habitat restoration and education in traditional territory.

Bella Coola Watershed Conservation Society

Russ Hilland
Bella Coola Watershed Conservation Society, PO Box 623, Hagensborg V0T 1C0
Telephone: 250-982-2306

Number of Members/Students - 5-10
Initiated 2002. Streamkeepers, restoration and watershed planning for Bella Coola Valley.

Central Coast Fisherman's Protection Association

Shirley Willson
PO Box 141 Hagensborg BC V0T 1H0
Telephone: 250-982-2780

Number of Members/Students - 10
Initiated 1981. Streamkeepers, hatchery, assessment and education on Bella Coola River and tributaries.

Klemtu (CEDP)

Brent Mason
Kitasoo First Nations, General Delivery, Klemtu V0T 1L0
Telephone: 250-839-1220

Number of Members/Students - 3
Initiated 1980. Hatchery, sea pen, and education on Kitasoo Creek.

Klemtu (AFS)

Larry Greba
Kitasoo First Nations, General Delivery, Klemtu V0T 1L0
Telephone: 604-669-9324

Number of Members/Students - 3
Initiated 1994. Hatchery, stock assessment on Victor Creek and Alexander Inlet.

Oweekeno Fisheries Program (AFS)

Jennifer Walkus
Oweekeno Nation, PO Box 3500, Port Hardy V0N 2P0
Telephone: 250-949-8625, ext. 230

Number of Members/Students - 1-4
Initiated 1982. Egg-takes, fry release, assessment and education on Wannock River and Oweekeno Basin tributaries.

Education activity

School District 49

6 school incubators
97 students