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Community Involvement Contribution Program

Our Community Involvement Contribution Program allocates funds through the "Contributions to Support rebuilding of vulnerable salmon stocks and improve fish habitat to sustain salmon populations Terms and Conditions For Salmon Enhancement Programming" fund to support Indigenous and community groups participating in:

Our funding directly supports 2 program streams: Public Involvement and Community Economic Development.

The Public Involvement Program is intended to enable stewardship groups and volunteers, and Indigenous people to undertake small, community based projects that restore critical salmon habitat, enhance salmon to support local fisheries, education and volunteerism, educate the public on the importance of salmon conservation and promote a culture of salmon stewardship.

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The Community Economic Development Program (CEDP) is intended to help restore depleted salmonid stocks in British Columbia and to improve the self-reliance, independence, and social and economic stability of Indigenous communities

CEDP Projects are involved in 5 key activities:

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