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Community involvement

Local connections and awareness are key to our efforts to improve fish habitat and sustain salmon populations. Our community involvement work aims to advance Indigenous and community-based groups interests in salmon stewardship activities to rebuild salmon populations and ecosystem health.

Community advisors

Our network of community advisors, located across BC and the Yukon, provide ongoing technical support and guidance to assist community groups and Indigenous people in achieving their goals of supporting salmon and ecosystem health. Communities advisors, collaborate with community groups and networks to bring technical support and project specific expertise to community projects.

See a list of projects that our Community Advisors support

Stewardship collaborations

We collaborate with the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation and other organisations to train and to increase the capacity of community volunteers to apply their experience and knowledge so volunteers may act and advocate to improve aquatic health, habitat status, land use and stock assessment activities within their communities.

We also collaborate with community volunteers regularly through the Salmonid Enhancement Habitat Advisory Board (SEHAB), an organization representing communities across British Columbia and the Yukon.

Stream to Sea Program

Our Stream to Sea Education Program includes a range of educational material available to educate school children on the value of salmon resources. Our education program directly engages almost 20,000 students per year throughout school districts in BC and the Yukon. This program aims to help students become aquatic stewards and active citizens that are interested in protecting their local watersheds.

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