Atlantic Salmon Watch Program

REPORT all captures of Atlantic salmon to: 1-800-811-6010 (toll-free).

What is the Atlantic Salmon Watch Program?

The Atlantic Salmon Watch Program (ASWP) is a research program operated by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The purpose of the program is to study the abundance, distribution and biology of Atlantic salmon in British Columbia and its adjacent waters. The ASWP monitors reports from commercial and sport catches and observations of Atlantic salmon throughout British Columbia. The program relies on recreational and commercial fishers, fish processors, government and independent field staff and hatchery workers to report observations of Atlantic salmon.

How do you distinguish Atlantic salmon from Pacific salmon?

Photo: Atlantic salmon.

The key distinguishing feature of Atlantic salmon is black spots on the gill cover.

What should I do if I catch an Atlantic salmon?

Keep the fish and report the capture by calling the ASWP toll-free reporting line at 1-800-811-6010. You will be asked where and when you caught the fish and if you wish to donate the fish or part of it for research purposes. Donation is not mandatory but it does provide valuable samples for our scientific study. For whole fish donation, the entire fish, including entrails, should be frozen or kept on ice. Alternatively, the head and a small portion of the back including scales can be preserved. ASWP staff will arrange for transport of the sample.

Summary of reported sightings and captures of Atlantic salmon in BC waters, beginning December, 2010 can be found here.

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