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Coho salmon: Why children and stream stewards love this Salmon in the Backyard

Photo: Children release salmon fry into a stream

Many of us have personal stories of how we came to know the various salmon that inhabit our oceans, rivers and lakes here on the West Coast of Canada. For coho salmon, it might be that first salmon caught in the ocean, often from a small boat close to shore along the inlets, sounds and straits of the winding B.C. coastline.

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Gwaii Haanas Land-Sea-People Plan

ButtonThe Archipelago Management Board, made up of equal Government of Canada (Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Parks Canada) and Haida members, is creating Canada's first integrated land-sea-people management plan. Stay informed by joining our email list.

The Pacific Region includes the province of British Columbia and the transboundary northern rivers of the Yukon. It encompasses more than 27,000 kilometres of coastline and 105 river systems. Fisheries and Oceans Canada is responsible for management and protection of marine resources on the Canadian west coast in addition to inland salmon fisheries.