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Area-Based Aquaculture Management in British Columbia

Area-Based Aquaculture Management (ABAM) is a new initiative in British Columbia where Federal, Provincial and Indigenous governments, stakeholders, and industry work together to plan, manage, monitor, and continue to improve aquaculture activities. ABAM will occur within distinct geographic areas so the existing unique jurisdictional, ecological, social, cultural and economic values are considered. The goal is to support the long term sustainability of aquatic ecosystems and address local social concerns, while supporting the long term viability of aquaculture activities.

Area-Based Aquaculture Management Pilot Areas

2 pilot areas will allow for an initial trial and assessment of the ABAM approach. A Pilot Area Expression of Interest application was shared in 2021 with First Nations, governments, industry, and other stakeholders, and successful pilots will be announced in Spring 2022. Local Pilot Area Committees will be created to collaboratively develop a plan with area management objectives and generate consensus-based recommendations. Tools and concepts will be trialed that could be utilized in future ABAM development, should the program be expanded and extended in the future.

Pilot Areas have:

Within the Pilot Areas:

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