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Fisheries and Oceans Canada in the Pacific Region

Our main activities in BC and the Yukon are the management of fisheries, sustainable aquaculture, and federally owned small craft harbours; science and research; and the conservation and protection of Canada's aquatic wildlife and ecosystems.



3 family members fishing

Family Fishing Weekend

June 16 to 18, get together with family and friends to celebrate the great tradition of sport fishing!

killer whales

Protecting Southern Resident killer whales

Southern Resident killer whales are critically endangered. Learn about what we are doing to help them.

Services and information

Fisheries Management

Fisheries opening and closures, licensing, shellfish contamination, management plans, catch statistics

Indigenous Programs, Reconciliation and Partnerships

Reconciliation, long term fisheries arrangements, fisheries programs and funding opportunities


Ocean sciences and climate change adaptation, environmental science, research centres and shared data


BC aquaculture regulatory program, licensing, aquaculture sites and maps

Species at Risk

Aquatic species at risk, recovery planning, habitat protection

Salmonid Enhancement Program

Hatcheries, spawning channels, resource restoration, community advisors

Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program

Measures to protect fish and fish habitat, projects near water, standards and codes of practice

Small Craft Harbours

Harbour authorities, abandoned boats and wrecks, map of harbours

Conservation and Protection

Observe, record, report a fisheries violation

Stream to Sea education program

Resources and lesson plans, educational coordinators


What we are doing

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