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Pacific salmon

Salmon are iconic to Pacific coastal and inland waters, connecting communities across the region. Together, through partnerships and action, we strive to ensure healthy, diverse salmon populations to sustain aquatic ecosystems and balance the needs of Canadians for generations to come.


Services and information

Fisheries Management

We protect and manage Pacific salmon and marine mammals in a manner that balances conservation goals with Indigenous, recreational and commercial fishing opportunities.

Indigenous Programs

We collaborate with Indigenous people through consultation, cooperative management and stewardship activities to build strong, healthy relationships and sustainable salmon fisheries.

Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program

We work collaboratively with stakeholders to manage impacts on salmon fisheries resulting from habitat degradation or loss, alternations to fish passage and flow, and aquatic invasive species.

Species at Risk

We work to inform Species at Risk Act salmon listing decisions and to collaboratively produce recovery strategies and action plans for all salmon species that are endangered or threatened.

Conservation and Protection

We provide front line enforcement to promote compliance, build awareness and ensure the rules and regulations that support sustainable salmon stocks are followed.

Salmonid Enhancement Program

We work with communities to rebuild vulnerable salmon stocks, improve salmon habitat, and provide harvest opportunities.


We manage aquaculture in BC in a manner that conserves wild salmon populations, promotes sustainability, and protects marine ecosystems.


We carry out research and provide scientific advice on salmon and their ecosystems to inform decision-making.

Stream to Sea education program

We offer resources to educators to help them teach their students about salmon and aquatic stewardship.

What we are doing


Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative
Chinook salmon

We’re taking bold action to stabilize and protect Pacific salmon.

Wild Salmon Policy
Sockeye salmon

We place the conservation of salmon and their habitat as the first priority for resource management.

Big Bar landslide response
Big Bar Landslide

Find out about how we are working to reduce the impact of the Big Bar landslide on Fraser River salmon returns.

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