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Salmonid Enhancement Program

Our Salmonid Enhancement Program (SEP) aims to rebuild vulnerable salmon stocks, provide harvest opportunities, work with Indigenous and coastal communities in economic development, and improve fish habitat to sustain salmon populations.


Services and information

Salmonid enhancement

Learn about salmonid enhancement in BC and the Yukon

Habitat restoration

Learn about our habitat restoration work

Community involvement

Learn how we support local aquatic stewardship groups

Community Involvement Contribution Program

Funding provided through the Community Economic Development Program and Public Involvement Program

Contact us

Contact the Salmonid Enhancement Program team

What we are doing


Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative
Chinnok salmon

We’re taking bold action to stabilize and protect Pacific salmon.

Big Bar landslide response
Indigenous fishers

Learn about our Big Bar landslide response efforts

Wild Salmon Policy

We place the conservation of salmon and their habitat as the first priority for resource management

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