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Integrated Planning for Salmon Ecosystems

Integrated Planning for Salmon Ecosystems (IPSE) is an initiative under the Conservation and Stewardship pillar of our Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative (PSSI). This initiative is piloting collaborative planning processes in key watersheds in British Columbia and the Yukon to help improve the health of Pacific salmon and their ecosystems.

Because the challenges affecting Pacific salmon are complex, and urgent action is needed to stem population declines, it is important that we strengthen collaboration with our partners. IPSE brings together:

Our shared goal is to identify and prioritize actions that support healthy salmon ecosystems.

Through IPSE, we are collaborating to create Integrated Salmon Ecosystem Plans. The plans will provide strategic recommendations and identify the work needed to prioritize and implement activities that benefit salmon while considering impacts from climate change and human uses. We will be supporting ongoing activity while we plan, including by:

Pilot watersheds

We are piloting the IPSE initiative in 3 geographic areas:

Thompson-Shuswap watersheds

We have partnered with the Thompson Shuswap Salmon Collaborative (TSSC). This is a technical planning partnership between DFO, the BC Ministry of Water Land and Resource Stewardship and the Secwepemc Fisheries Commission. The TSSC will guide IPSE in the Thompson-Shuswap planning area with participation and collaboration from other partners and stakeholders.

The first Thompson-Shuswap IPSE workshop was held in Kamloops, BC on March 9th, 2023. This was the first of a series of planned workshops aimed at shaping a collaborative planning process and providing insight into the actions needed to support salmon and their habitats. Participants included First Nations and Indigenous Organizations, local government, academics and consultants, non-government organizations, the BC Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Following the workshop, TSSC shared a What We Heard report with participants which summarizes key discussions and next steps. Working groups have also been initiated for focused work on topics such as geospatial information, hydrological stressors, and salmon habitat restoration opportunities.

Nicola watershed

We are in conversation with the Province of BC and First Nations to determine how IPSE may support watershed sustainability with a focus on salmon habitat values in the Nicola region.

Yukon River watershed

We are in early discussions with key partners to identify opportunities to collaborate and deliver IPSE as one component of overall salmon stock rebuilding in the Yukon River Watershed.

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