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Pacific salmon

We are responsible for managing sockeye, pink, chum, chinook and coho salmon in a manner that balances conservation goals with Indigenous, recreational and commercial fishing opportunities.

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Services and information

Salmon fisheries

Information about Indigenous, recreational and commercial salmon fisheries

Integrated fisheries management plans

We use integrated fisheries management plans to guide the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources

BC sport fishing guide

Fishing regulations and licence info, species identification, responsible fishing practices and more

Commercial fisheries

Forms, salmon area maps, catch statistics and logbook reports

Indigenous fisheries

Resources for Indigenous salmon fishers

Salmon licencing

Information about licencing for Indigenous, recreational and commercial fishers

Stock assessment and research

Stock assessment helps us make informed, evidence-based fisheries management decisions.

Policies, reports and agreements

Wild Salmon Policy, Pacific Salmon Treaty and other policies, reports and agreements

About Pacific salmon

Quick facts about the 5 species of Pacific salmon

Conservation and enhancement

Learn about some of the many ways that we are conserving Pacific salmon


Consultations, committees and advisory boards

Contact us

Contact the salmon fisheries management team


Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative
sockeye salmon

We’re taking bold action to stabilize and protect Pacific salmon.

Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative
Indigenous fishers

Learn about the Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative.

Wild Salmon Policy

We place the conservation of salmon and their habitat as the first priority for resource management.

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