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Recreational fishing in British Columbia

Learn about fishing regulations and licence info, species identification, responsible fishing practices and more.

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Services and information


Apply for your B.C. tidal waters recreational fishing licence and salmon conservation stamp

Report your catch

Mandatory catch report programs including the Internet Recreational Effort and Catch (iREC) program

Integrated fisheries management plans

We use integrated fisheries management plans (IFMP) to guide the use of fisheries resources

General information

Important resources and information for recreational fishers in B.C.

Unlawful fishing

Understand what you can and can’t do while recreational fishing in tidal waters in B.C.

Maps and charts

Pacific Fisheries Management Areas, Rockfish Conservation Areas and other maps


Publications related to recreational fisheries

Contact us

Contact the fisheries management team

Fishing by species


Information about fishing for salmon

Crab, prawn and other shellfish

Learn how to safely and legally harvest shellfish such as crabs, bivalves, prawns and octopus


Information about fishing for groundfish, halibut and other finfish

What we are doing

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