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BC and Yukon publications

We provide online and print publications about our programs and services. Most of our publications are available online. Print copies of some of these resources may be available if you contact us.

Publication name Theme Type of publication Comment
Protecting British Columbia’s Northern Abalone Species at Risk Brochure
Protecting Southern Resident Killer Whales in southern BC coastal waters Whales Poster
Have you seen this shark - Poster Whales Poster
Have you seen this shark - Aerial Whales Poster
Have you seen this shark - Brochure Whales Brochure
Earlier monitoring start date for salmon fisheries closures protocol in the Gulf Islands based on Southern Resident Killer Whale presence Whales Poster
BC rockfish identification guide Fisheries Brochure
Protect abalone Species at risk Poster
Identify common BC groundfish Fisheries Brochure
Sharks of British Columbia Science Brochure
Sharing responsibility for Pacific bivalves: Intertidal clams Fisheries Poster
Sport head recovery: Is your chinook or coho missing its adipose fin? Fisheries Infographic
Prawns spawn! Fisheries Poster
Fisheries and Oceans Canada hatcheries timeline Salmonid Enhancement Program Infographic
Big Bar Landslide response timeline 2019 Big Bar response Infographic
Big Bar Landslide response timeline 2020 Big Bar response Infographic
Every season every trap counts Fisheries Brochure
What is barotrauma and why are rockfish at risk Fisheries Brochure
Sturgeon identification guide Fisheries Infographic
Help protect BC sturgeon Fisheries Infographic
Fishing Management Areas: Juan de Fuca Strait to Queen Charlotte Sound Fisheries Map Available in print format only
Rockfish Conservation Areas Fisheries Brochure
Fishing Management Areas: Queen Charlotte Sound to Dixon Entrance Fisheries Map
Skates of British Columbia Fisheries Brochure
Understanding SARA: How aquatic species are listed under Canada's Species at Risk Act Species at risk Brochure Only available in print
Be whale wise: Marine wildlife guidelines for boaters, paddlers and viewers Fisheries
Sport fishing guidelines for crab Fisheries
Aquaculture in British Columbia Aquaculture Brochure
Invasive Species: Stop be aware Aquatic invasive species Brochure
Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area Oceans Brochure
Pacific salmon life cycle Education Poster
Sacred salmon journey Education Poster
Summary of BC Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund funding BCSRIF Infographic
Keeping whales free from fishing gear Fisheries Brochure
No fishing in the Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound glass sponge reef marine refuges Fisheries Infographic
How wild Pacific shellfish products are traced Aquaculture Infographic
How farmed Pacific shellfish products are traced Aquaculture Infographic
Shellfish growers: help keep marine wildlife free from active or lost gear Aquaculture Brochure Mandarin version [PDF]
Vietnamese version [PDF]
Shellfish safety tips Fisheries Poster
Wild clam traceability conditions of licence Aquaculture Infographic

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