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Reporting incidental catch at BC marine finfish aquaculture sites

This graph shows the annual number of incidental catch reported by BC aquaculture facilities. Incidental catch refers to wild finfish that have been caught during harvest, through the movement of fish between facilities or from net removal. Incidental catch includes:

Through the Marine Finfish Conditions of Licence (COL), DFO requires farms to maintain records of incidental catch during the production cycle and submit reports after harvest is complete. For sites with fish continuously onsite, reports must be submitted on January 15th of each year and include all records from the previous year. We update the graph on an annual basis, once all active facilities from that year have been harvested and all incidental catch have been reported.

The COL also requires farms to have pre-established mitigation measures in place to sort wild fish from farmed fish. Any living incidental catch must be immediately released in a manner which causes the least harm. Dead incidental catch must be disposed of properly. In addition, reasonable efforts must be taken onsite to ensure there is no transfer of wild fish between facilities or to processing plants.

During harvest, DFO Fishery Officers or Fishery Guardians may perform inspections to observe and confirm that mitigation measures for incidental catch are properly implemented and appropriate records are maintained. Additionally, DFO regularly monitors production cycles to ensure that industry is in compliance with the required reporting. Should high numbers of incidental catch be reported, DFO will follow up with the facility to determine the circumstances surrounding the event and discuss the addition of supplementary mitigation measures as needed.

Detailed reports on incidental catch are published online.

Incidental catch at marine finfish aquaculture facilities in British Columbia, 2011 to 2020
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Incidental catch at marine finfish aquaculture facilities in British Columbia, 2011 to 2020

Year Herring Species of rockfish Species of cod Species of perch Species of salmon Other
2011 7833 1753 290 1316 58 193
2012 11264 38 2155 182 89 300
2013 23374 2 2010 129 43 260
2014 26128 46 858 545 20 19
2015 29075 30 13550 346 58 11
2016 45023 1468 2501 736 25 3087
2017 75240 10250 16800 677 6 2477
2018 15760 3370 1435 710 11 1199
2019 2567 120 123 871 0 159
2020 33557 26 376 255 50 3806
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