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Marine Ecological Genomics and Adaptation group

Kristina Miller (Saunders), Ph.D.

Head, Molecular Genetics
Telephone: 250-756-7155
Fax: 250-756-7053


Norma Ginther

Project Manager
Norma is the project manager for the FishManOmics Project. She has been involved in organizing sample collections for the MEGA program, and just about everything else for the program.


Karia Kaukinen

Karia worked on the characterization of MHC in Atlantic cod and the development of MHC in sockeye for real-time stock ID. She has worked within microarray program since its inception in 2004. Her focus within the FishManOmics project is profiling genes expressed in the brain and gill during salmon migration.


Shaorong Li

Shaorong has participated in stock ID and MHC characterization projects within the MGL. As part of the MEGA program, she provides bioinformatics support for the group and is responsible for experiments on in-river fate of adult migrating salmon within the FishManOmics project.


Angela Shulze

Angela worked on stock ID and MHC projects, bacteria diversity in marine hatcheries (probiotics) and prey scat analysis of sea lions before moving on to the MEGA program. Her area of focus is energy metabolism, and she is responsible for experiments based on muscle and liver within the FishManOmics project.


Tobi Ming

Tobi developed our methods for genotyping MHC in Pacific Salmonids, and has been integral in the completion of our Coho and sockeye MHC genotype databases. Her area of focus is MHC, as well as bacterial typing, SNP assay development and disease screening.

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