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Molecular Genetics Laboratory - Projects conducted

Conservation, Population Structure, and Stock Identification

Pacific Salmon

Marine Fish


Pedigree Analysis

Broodstock evaluation and pedigree analysis conducted for chinook, coho, and Atlantic salmon broodstocks in British Columbia or Newfoundland aquaculture operations

Forensic Analysis


Major histocompatibility Complex

Microarray Analysis/Quantitative RT-PCR

Gauging the physiological response of salmon to environmental perturbations (e.g. pollution, temperature, disease) through Gene expression profiling using the 16,000 gene salmonid array developed through the Genome Canada funded “Genomics Research on Atlantic Salmon Project (GRASP)” .

Specific projects on

  1. Sockeye salmon migration physiology and the shifts in migration timing of Late-run Fraser River Sockeye salmon. Project goal: to identify biomarkers to predict entry timing of late run fish well in advance of the river.
  2. Establishing the physiological basis for fluctuations in in-river en route mortality. Project goal: to identify biomarkers to predict spawning success by stock.
  3. Salmonid species-specific response to the Infectious haematopoetic necrosis virus (IHNV). Project goal: to establish the role of host response in determining susceptibility to the virus, and to identify genes and pathways potentially co-opted by the virus to enhance infectivity.Simultaneous examination of the expression 16 thousand salmon genes (representing roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of the salmon genome)
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