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Salmon Conservation Catch Card

The information collected when you fill out and submit your Salmon Conservation Catch Cards help us understand the impact of recreational fishing on Yukon salmon stocks.

Catch Cards are valid from April 1 to November 30th each year. You must always carry your Catch Card with you when you are fishing for salmon and produce it when asked to do so by a Conservation or Fishery Officer.

Who needs a Salmon Conservation Catch Card

All recreational fishers, including those under the age of 16, need a valid Salmon Conservation Catch Card and a Yukon angling licence in order to fish for all species of salmon except kokanee or stocked fish in the Yukon.

Indigenous fishers who want to fish for salmon outside of their Traditional Territory must possess a valid Yukon Fishing Licence and a Salmon Conservation Catch Card, unless they have written consent from the First Nation with authority in the Traditional Territory in which they plan to fish.

Alaskan residents also need to purchase a Salmon Conservation Catch Card, but may do so at the same price as a Yukon resident, as long as they have a current Alaskan recreational fishing licence, a Yukon recreational fishing licence and proof of I.D..

How do I get a Salmon Conservation Catch Card

It’s easy! You can buy a Salmon Conservation Card online or from authorized suppliers. As soon as you have purchased and printed your Catch Card and your Yukon fishing licence, you are ready to go fishing.

Salmon conservation catch card fees

Prices below do not include GST

Category Yukon resident Alaska resident Canadian resident Non-resident
Adult annual (16-64 years of age) $10.40 $10.40 $20.81 $52.02
Senior (65+) Free $10.40 $20.81 $52.02
Minor (Under 16 years of age) Free Free Free Free

How do I return my catch card?

You must return your Salmon Conservation Card to us by November 30 of the year of issue through the National Recreational Licensing System (NRLS), even if you did not catch any salmon. It’s easy!

  1. Log into the National Recreational Licensing System.
  2. Select “Record or View your Catch” and:
    1. record any catch data under “Record Catch”
    2. If you fished and never caught a salmon enter the activity location and date and select “Zero Caught” button
    3. If you did not go fishing for salmon select “Submit Catch Card” then select “Check here if you did not angle for salmon this year”.
  3. Click on “Submit Catch Card”.

An email confirmation will be sent confirming your submission was received.

If you encounter an issue with our online NRLS system, check the help section of the site, or contact us at 1-877-535-7307 or by emailing

What happens if I don’t submit my Salmon Conservation Catch Card?

Submitting your catch card data is a regulatory requirement under the Yukon Territory Fishery Regulations. Failure to comply with any of these regulations is a ticketable offence. As well, anglers who do not return their completed catch cards by November 30 each year may be subject to a fine of $100.00 and it may delay the purchase of a Salmon Conservation Catch Card for the next fishing season.

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