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Salmon conservation catch card

If you want to fish for salmon in the Yukon you need a valid Salmon Conservation Catch Card and a Yukon angling licence.

The Catch Card contains pertinent information about an angler’s fishing activity. Salmon Conservation Catch Cards may be purchased online or from authorized suppliers.

How do I return my catch card?

You must return your Salmon Conservation Card to us by November 30 of the year of issue. Choose one of the following methods of submission:

  1. Submit via the National Recreational Licensing System (NRLS).
  2. Mail or drop off a completed paper version of your Catch Card at our Whitehorse office.

Salmon conservation catch card fees

Prices below do not include GST

Category Yukon resident Alaska resident* Canadian resident Non-resident
Adult annual (16-64 years of age) $10.42 $10.42 $20.85 $52.12
Senior (65+) FREE $10.42 $20.85 $52.12
Minor (Under 16 years of age) FREE FREE FREE FREE

*Must be in possession of a current Alaska Resident Angling Licence and Yukon Angling Licence.

First Nations anglers who want to fish for salmon outside their Traditional Territory must possess a valid Yukon Angling Licence and a Catch Card, unless they have written consent from the First Nation with authority in the Traditional Territory in which they plan to fish. Any First Nations anglers purchasing a Yukon salmon Conservation Card must pay the applicable rates based on residency: i.e. Adult Yukon First Nations anglers pay $10.50 and Cards are free for Senior and Minor First Nations Anglers.

Failure to comply with any of these regulations could result in a fine or legal action.

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