DFO marine finfish aquaculture audit activities in BC

This graph is a summary of all Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) audits of marine finfish aquaculture farms in BC. DFO conducts approximately 120 fish health audits each year, during which staff sample farmed fish for diseases and pathogens of concern and check compliance with health management plans and licence conditions. DFO’s random quarterly sea lice audits coincide with one of the licence holder's numerous scheduled counts. To assure quality, farm staff count lice on half of the selected fish and DFO staff count lice on the other half. DFO increases sea lice monitoring to 50% of all active sites during April, May and June to coincide with the wild fish outmigration.

Benthic audits are conducted at a portion of finfish aquaculture sites during peak biomass, and the results are compared to industry submitted data. DFO also conducts information-gathering surveys throughout the production cycle and at times when industry is not required by licence conditions to conduct seabed monitoring.

A complete overview of the marine finfish aquaculture industry’s performance in meeting requirements under the Pacific Aquaculture Regulations and the Aquaculture Activities Regulations is available in the report, Regulating and Monitoring British Columbia’s Marine Finfish Aquaculture Facilities.

Graph: DFO marine finfish aquaculture audit activities in BC, 2011-2016
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DFO marine finfish aquaculture audit activities in BC, 2011-2016

Year Number of fish health audits Number of sea lice audits Number of benthic surveys Number of active facilities
2011 65 35 19 93
2012 117 41 24 84
2013 119 37 13 77
2014 111 35 14 82
2015 120 46 17 84
2016 117 41 14 81