Fisheries contacts - Pacific Region


Regional Director, Fisheries Management Branch Andrew Thomson 604-666-0751
Director of Resource Management Program Delivery Neil Davis 604-666-0115
Manager, Business and Client Services Janet Gagne 604-666-7954
Area Director, North Coast Colin Masson 250-627-3416
Area Director, South Coast Laura Brown 250-756-7280
Area Director, Fraser/BC Interior Angela Bate 604-666-6478
Area Director, Yukon/Transboundary Steve Gotch 867-393-6719
Director, Small Craft Harbours Karen Calla 604-666-1146

Aquaculture management

Director, Aquaculture Management Division Corey Jackson 604-666-7009


Regional Resource Manager - Groundfish Adam Keizer 604-666-9033
Groundfish Trawl Coordinator Rob Tadey 604-666-3991
A/Hook and Line Coordinator Shane Petersen 604-666-3279
A/Halibut and Sablefish Coordinator Jena Chin 604-666-0912


A/Resource Manager - Pelagics Brenda Spence 250-756-7329
Lead Roe Herring and Food and Bait Herring Resource Manager Christine Bukta 250-286-5888
Spawn On Kelp Herring Resource Manager Steven Groves 250-627-3455
A/Special Use Herring Resource Manager Roger Kanno 604-666-7851
A/Tuna and Sardine Resource Manager Caroline Wells 604-666-2188
A/North Coast Area Chief - Fisheries Management Sandra Davies 250-627-3007
Opening and closure information Lower Mainland: 604-666-2828

Toll free: 1-866-431-FISH


Director of Salmon Jennifer Nener 604-666-0789
Regional Resource Manager - Salmon Jeff Grout 604-666-0497
A/Salmon Officer Raquel Roizman 604-666-3935
North Coast - A/Salmon and Herring Section Head Sandra Davies 250-627-3426

South coast resource management coordinators

West Coast Vancouver Island Area Andrea Goruk 250-756-7287
East Coast Vancouver Island Area Beth Pechter 250-286-5880
Fraser Interior A/ Area Chief Dean Allan 250-851-4821
Mid Fraser Thompson Resource Manager Dale Michie 250-851-4946
Upper Fraser Resource Manager Linda Stevens 250-305-4004
Transboundary River Resource Manager Steve Smith 867-393-6724
Yukon River Resource Manager Nathan Millar 867-393-6840
Opening and closure information Lower Mainland: 604-666-2828

Toll free: 1-866-431-FISH


Regional Resource Manager - Invertebrates Jeff Johansen 604-666-3869
Invertebrates, North Coast Steven Groves 250-627-3455
Invertebrates, South Coast Juanita Rogers 250-756-7268
Resource Manager, Areas 28 and 29 Anna Magera 604-916-6743
Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program Coordinator Elysha Gordon 250-756-7192
Environment and Climate Change Canada Laura Maclean 604-664-4054
Canadian Food Inspection Agency Kristen Kirby 250-363-3850
CFIA Pacific Shellfish Desk 604-666-3737
Opening and closure information and shellfish toxin updates Lower Mainland: 604-666-2828

Toll free: 1-866-431-FISH


Regional Recreational Fisheries Coordinator Carole Eros 604-666-3271
South Coast Area Coordinator Brad Beaith 250-756-7190
North Coast Area Coordinator John Webb 250-627-3409
Lower Fraser River Coordinator Barbara Mueller 604-666-2370
BC Interior Coordinator Dale Michie 250-851-4946


Regional Director, Conservation and Protection Area Mike Carlson 604-666-0604
Chief - South Coast Area Linda Higgins 250-754-0221
Chief - North Coast and Yukon Area Andrew Lewis 250-615-5361
Chief – Lower Fraser Area Herb Redekopp 604-666-2807
Chief – B.C. Interior Area Brad Wattie 250-851-4922
Chief, Regulations Chris Manore 604-666-6408
Aquaculture Enforcement Claire Doucette 250-754-0210
Report violations 1-800-465-4336

Marine mammals

A/Marine Mammal Coordinator Paul Cottrell 604-666-9965

Species at Risk

A/ Regional Manager, SARA Karen Leslie 604-666-0395