Pacific Region Marine Charts, Maps and Data

Image of a chart

Mariners, fishermen, stewardship groups and other government agencies all use maps and charts produced by DFO Pacific Region. Below are links to those maps and atlases available online as well as charts for sale through vendors across Canada.

Canadian Hydrographic Service - The Canadian Hydrographic Service is responsible for surveying Canadian navigable waterways and for producing a number of nautical publications, including nautical charts, sailing directions, bathymetric maps and tide and current tables. Here you will find information about charts available through CHS points of purchase.

Fisheries and Oceans Related Maps

  • Community Mapping Network The primary goal of the Community Mapping Network (CMN) is to provide a service that collects and integrates natural resource information, maps and mapping information to promote sustainable resource management and to assist planning sustainable communities in British Columbia, Canada.
  • DFO Geoportal The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)in partnership with other marine organizations and GeoConnections, is leading the establishment of a marine geospatial data infrastructure (MGDI) for Canada. The DFO GeoPortal Project, initiated by the DFO Science sector, is providing key services forming the DFO open geospatial infrastructure, which is a key component of the evolving MDGI.
  • Fish Wizard Use the FishWizard to find the most recent information about British Columbia lakes and streams and the fish in them, including salmon escapements, fish stocking records and depth maps for over 2,500 lakes.
  • Tides, Currents and Water Levels Tide tables for all of Canada.