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Aquaculture licence – amendment summary
(shellfish facilities)


Date DFO review commenced

Application details

Facility information


Currently licensed Proposed addition
Butter clam (Saxidomus gigantea)
Littleneck clam (Protothaca staminea)
Manila clam (Venerupis philippinarum)
Nuttall cockle (Clinocardium nuttallii)
Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas)
Geoduck clam (Panopea generosa

Culture methods and area

Culture method Currently licensed area (ha) Proposed total area (ha)
Intertidal culture 1.21 2.34
Total culture area 1.21 2.34

Tenure size

Currently licensed area (ha) Proposed total area (ha)
1.21 2.34

Equipment and structures currently licensed

Description Culture method
Predator netting Intertidal culture

Proposed addition(s)

Retention fencing Intertidal culture
Trays Intertidal culture
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