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Comment on the discussion framework for a BC aquaculture open-net pen transition plan

On September 6, this survey was taken down from this website and republished on September 28. As a consequence, the survey input window has been extended to October 27 to ensure the total available opportunity for input is not reduced.

We updated our survey questions on September 28th, 2022 to provide greater clarity. Submissions received prior to September 6 will continue to be taken into consideration and will be given equal weight to those received after the republication. If you filled out the survey prior to September 6, but feel that these updates could change your responses, you may fill out the survey again.

You are invited to provide input on the 4 objectives proposed for an open-net pen transition plan as proposed in The future of salmon aquaculture in British Columbia - Toward an open-net pen transition plan: A framework for discussion.

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