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Pacific regional harbour authority advisory committee code of conduct

General principles

Individual and stakeholder's participation in consultations are accompanied by responsibilities. Parties that participate in consultation processes should do so in good faith and with the public interest in mind. Committee members also have a responsibility to engage in effective, balanced and respectful communication. All participants have a responsibility to actively participate and provide non-partisan advice so that the government gets the information it needs to make well-informed and balance decisions, and so that consultation processes operate as efficiently as possible.


In order to maximize the exchange of information among parties and minimize misunderstandings, SCH and Advisory Committee members should:

The Committee Chair shall ensure that all Committee members have the opportunity to speak and all perspectives and interests are heard by:


SCH and Advisory Committee Members shall engage in appropriate communications activities by:

Mutual respect

SCH and Advisory Committee members shall maintain a respectful atmosphere, by:

Conflict of interest

Conflict of interest is defined as "any situation in which a member is in a real or perceived position to take advantage of privileged information for their personal benefit." As such:

Transparency and legitimacy

SCH and Advisory Committee members shall:

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