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Small Craft Harbours Pacific Regional Harbour Authority Advisory Committee (PRHAAC) Agenda

September 18, 2019

1 Welcome and Review of Agenda – SCH
2 Review of RoD and Action Items from June 26, 2019 meeting - SCH
3 SCH Update – SCH
4 Bill C64 Update - S. Pickrell or L. Simpson, CCG; E. Harris, TC
5 Abandoned and Wrecked Vessels Removal Program (AWVRP) Update – SCH
6 Liveaboard at SCH managed by HAs - L. Budde
7 NHAAC Update - SCH
8 Crane Review Update – SCH
9 SCH Divestiture Process – SCH
10 Roundtable, wrap-up and next meeting - SCH

Meeting participants

Harbour Authority representatives

Small Craft Harbours (SCH) PRHAAC Members:

Canadian Coast Guard (CCG)

Transport Canada (TC)

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