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Small craft harbours Pacific Regional Harbour Authority Advisory Committee (PRHAAC)

Record of discussion

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

PRHAAC members: Regrets: Small Craft Harbours (SCH) PRHAAC Members:
  • Ben Mabberley, Whaler Bay Harbour Authority
  • Bruce Evans, Fanny Bay Harbour Authority
  • Frank Mauro, Harbour Authority of Pender Harbour
  • Mike Jacobs, Haisla Harbour Authority
  • Michael Griswold, Quadra Island Harbour Authority
  • Lutz Budde, Oona River Community Association
  • Jaime Gusto, Steveston Harbour Authority
  • Karen Calla, Regional Director
  • Cindy Wong, A/Regional Manager, Harbour Development
  • Lam Hughson, A/Harbour Development Officer

1. Welcome and review of agenda

The meeting agenda was reviewed and Divestiture was added to the agenda.

2. Review of RoD and action items

Action Items from the previous meeting were reviewed and discussed.

3. DFO and SCH update

Karen Calla provided the following updates to members:

FY 2018/19 - Budget 2018

Budget 2020

SCH Staff update

4. Debrief Standing Committee On Fisheries and Oceans (SCOFO)

Karen Calla provided a debrief on the SCOFO report. The report recognized the Program’s challenges such as funding which resulted in 14 recommendations for DFO.

Frank Mauro represented on behalf of PHRAAC. Pacific’s Region’s concerns were captured in the report such as funding and the difficulties associated with dredging.

Action: Lam Hughson to share the SCOFO report’s link to PRHAAC members.

5. Update on National Harbour Authority Advisory Committee (NHAAC)

Dates set for NHAAC Pacific Region visit is Nov 5-7, 2019.

Location: downtown Vancouver

The region is responsible for organizing a site tour for NHAAC on Nov 7th.

Tour Options:

PRHAAC discussed tour options and which would best showcase the Pacific Region.

It was noted that all options provided a diverse group of harbours and minimizing travel time should be considered.

6. Crane Review:

SCH started a review on cranes with the objective to reduce liabilities and increase safety for SCH and Harbour Authorities (HAs).

SCH has been gathering information from various sources:

This information gathering exercise showed that there are no standardized policies.

There was support to move forward using PRHAAC and HAABC to standardize an approach.

It is anticipated that a draft SCH policy will be ready for PRHAAC review by the fall.

7. Net recycling

Steveston Harbour Authority (SHA) has the net recycling program up and running.

The program has no funding for shipping nets to SHA.

SCH will be supporting a study with SHA to look at net recycling as a regional program. The study will identify net volume, where they are located and shipping costs to SHA. It will also explore program funding options to subsidize if needed.

SCH has been talking to HAABC to see if they are able to help with logistics.

8. Derelict vessels

The Abandoned and Wrecked Vessels Removal Program (AWVRP) is still taking applications for Year 3.

For Year 4 and 5, there is a total of 875 k in funding available after which, the program will come to an end.

Transport Canada’s Bill C-64 will be coming into effect as of July 30, 2019 where owners will be responsible for all costs relating to removal/disposal of their vessel and any environmental contamination mitigation costs if it is deemed a wreck/derelict.

SCH will help HAs with their applications and is drafting a poster for HAs to post at harbours so that users understand the impacts of Bill C-64.

It was noted that HAs are having issues with finding owners. There is a process where HAs can obtain ownership of vessels when the owners cannot be located.

9. Divestiture

Harbour Authority of Pender Harbour (HAPH) was surprised to learn that 2 of their harbours are on the divestiture list and felt that the process is not transparent as the HA was not consulted. They also felt that there is a communication gap between SCH and the HA since SCH was approached by local media for comment and did not consult with HAPH. It was suggested for better communication coordination especially in regards to media and planning and for SCH to consult with HAs prior to responding to media.

Karen Calla informed committee members that in regards to media, SCH is expected to respond in a specific timeframe and to be as accurate as possible. If possible, SCH tries to consult with HAs.

She also reminded committee members that SCH’s mandate is to support commercial fishing harbours. Sites that are added to the divestiture list are ones that does not support the mandate. The divestiture list is a long term planning tool and SCH re-evaluates sites before beginning the divestiture process to determine if the current use has changed.

Karen will provide PRHAAC with a walk through on SCH’s divestiture strategy

Bring forward: SCH will provide a walk through on SCH’s divestiture strategy at a future meeting.

10. Wrap-up and next meeting

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 401 Burrard Street.

Suggested items for the next meeting:

Action items

  1. Lam Hughson to share the SCOFO report’s link to PRHAAC members.

Bring forward

  1. The Dredging topic will be deferred to the next face to face meeting as further discussions need to occur within SCH.
  2. SCH will provide a walk through on SCH’s divestiture strategy at a future meeting.
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