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Pacific regional harbour authority advisory committee members

Name Contact Biography
Lutz Budde
Oona River HA
Lutz Budde has been Director of the Oona River Harbour Authority for the last 17 years. He has also been involved with the HAABC and PRHAAC over the years and is always keen to present the challenges of smaller harbours and communities.
Jaime Da Costa
General Manager
Steveston HA
Jaime Da Costa is the Harbour Manager at the Steveston Harbour Authority, Canada’s largest commercial fishing harbour. Jaime has many years of experience as the office administrator at the Steveston Harbour Authority and has been the General Manager at Steveston since the summer of 2017.
Bruce Evans
Fanny Bay HA
Bruce Evans has been a Director at the Fanny Bay Harbour Authority for 15 years and managed the wharf expansion project through the Western Economic Diversification Program that benefitted local and First Nations businesses. He is also a biologist and has been in the shellfish aquaculture business for the past 40 years.
Mike Jacobs
Harbour Manager
Haisla HA
Mike Jacobs is the Harbour Manager at the Haisla Harbour Authority in Kitamaat Village. He is also the Fisheries Managers for the Haisla Fisheries Commission and has years of experience working with other First Nations, community consultation on marine use planning, industry development, habitat restoration and compensation, commercial and communal fisheries development, catch monitoring, conservation issues, stock assessment and fisheries program development and expansion.
Ben Mabberley
Whaler Bay HA
Ben Mabberley has spent most of his life on the Gulf Islands and has been a commercial fisherman since 1974. He has been Involved with the Harbour Authority program and President of the Whaler Bay Harbour Authority since it was formed in the 90s. His interest and contributions in the Harbour Authority program extends much further than just his own community, but reaches to regional and national interests. He has been a continuing and ongoing member of the PRHAAC and NHAAC since 2003, and is also the chair for both the national Harbour Authority Corporation (HAC) and the Southern Gulf Islands Harbour Commission (SGIHC).
Robert Hauknes
Robert Hauknes is a third generation commercial fisher from Prince Rupert. He has been fishing alongside his father and brother ever since he was 12 years old. He has over 31 years of commercial fishing experience. He fishes herring, salmon, halibut, sablefish and tuna.
Leslie Taylor
Leslie Taylor has been the manager of the Comox Valley Harbour Authority for the last 5 years. She comes from a long line of fishermen, starting with her great grandfather who fished River’s Inlet for several years starting in 1913. Married to a fisherman, she started her career on the water as his deckhand in 1979 and has been involved in his fishing business ever since, fishing, hanging and mending gillnets, and managing the financial side of his fishing operation. Growing up in Lund provided her the opportunity to get to know fishing Harbours from the water up, and she has been passionate about fishermen and the communities they live in her entire life.
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