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Activities and services

Contact your local education coordinator to inquire about the availability of these activities and services in your community.

Teacher in-service sessions

In-service sessions are conducted on a regular basis and can be initiated by the school district. Workshops on various topics run from 1 to 3 hours to whole day sessions and are held at the participants’ convenience (after school, on weekends or on professional development days).

Salmonids in the Classroom

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Thousands of B.C. and Yukon school children are learning about salmonids in a hands-on way through Stream to Sea’s Salmonids in the Classroom program. We provide specially-equipped aquariums for classrooms studying salmonids. These aquariums are stocked with salmonid eggs, which students care for and monitor until the fry are ready for release to a local creek. This fry release provides an excellent opportunity for a field trip which directly connects students their local watershed. While this activity offers one of the most rewarding educational experiences when used in conjunction with Salmonids in the Classroom curriculum or other learning resources provided by Stream to Sea, this program does require considerable teacher commitment and attendance at an in-service session. Participation is limited and not all requests can be met in any given year.

Storm drain marking program

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This program gives children in urban areas an active role in protecting their environment by marking storm drains with bright yellow fish and circulating information to advise residents that these drains empty into local creeks. A video (for children) and manual (for teachers or leaders) are available. This activity is suitable for children working in small groups and supervision is mandatory.

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