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Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative

The application window for PICFI Aquaculture Development Source funding is closed. The program is not accepting applications at this time.

The Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (PICFI) is designed to increase First Nations' access to commercial fisheries in British Columbia and Yukon.


The program seeks to:

  • build BC and Yukon First Nations communities capacity to fish and to operate commercial fishing enterprises (CFEs)
  • improve the business and operational capacities required by First Nations CFEs and aquaculture businesses to successfully manage sustainable fisheries and to maximize their potential
  • strengthen community economic self-sufficiency within the framework of an orderly, stable integrated commercial fishery

Program areas and funding opportunities

PICFI investments include support for new business and training opportunities and increased fisheries access for eligible First Nations CFEs in the PICFI program. Funding opportunities under the PICFI program also include support for aquaculture development and these are open to all eligible First Nations in BC and the Yukon. Funding opportunities are opened yearly and each intake period is focused on one of the following PICFI program areas.

Program areas

Capacity building and harvester training
Support to First Nations CFEs to establish and implement business development plans. This also includes operational funding, and training and mentoring support for participation in the commercial fishery.
Business development
Support to expand or diversify First Nations CFEs, including fisheries access acquisition, fishing vessel and gear acquisitions or upgrades, fishing operations upgrades, commercial fisheries related onshore facilities and diversification.
Commercial fisheries access
Greater access to a diversity of commercial fishing opportunities that will support the development of First Nations CFEs, for the benefit of communities.
Aquaculture development
Support to First Nations interested in entering into an aquaculture business or expanding their existing aquaculture business.
Co-development, co-design and co-delivery in collaboration with Indigenous partners.

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