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Programs for Indigenous communities in B.C. and Yukon

Programs available to Indigenous communities and organizations in B.C. and Yukon to support sustainable fisheries, fish and fish habitat restoration and stewardship, build community capacity and economic development.

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Services and information

Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy

Information about the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy objectives and outcomes

Alternation Program

Provides an opportunity to alternate communal commercial salmon licences for contributions towards non-salmon access

Salish Sea Initiative

Funding for eligible communities to conduct marine stewardship activities and report on cumulative effects

Aquatic Habitat Restoration Fund

Supports Indigenous-led aquatic habitat restoration activities in freshwater and marine ecosystems

Aboriginal Aquatic Resource And Oceans Management Program

Funding to support Indigenous groups to develop, grow and maintain aquatic resource and oceans management departments

Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative

Supports participation in commercial fisheries, and assists First Nations to pursue aquaculture development

Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk

Funding for protecting aquatic species at risk, project priority areas, contacts and application dates

Terrestrial Cumulative Effects Initiative

Funding for Indigenous-led cumulative effects studies in freshwater and terrestrial environments

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