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Kincolith Hatchery

The Kincolith Hatchery, located at the mouth of the Nass River, is owned by the Nisga’a and operated by the Nisga’a Lisims Government. Initiated in 1978, intentions were to rebuild Kincolith chinook to historic levels, provide survival, migration and fishery contribution information on Kincolith coho for domestic and international management decisions, and provide increased production of Kincolith coho for the sport, commercial and Aboriginal fisheries.

A small hatchery is used to enhance chinook and chum for fishing opportunities and operates a weir. From 1980-1996, the hatchery produced a combination of coho and Chinook. Coho production was terminated in 1996 due to excess stock , which made chum the operation’s second species. Chum was reared from 1991-1994 with the broodstock coming from the Stagoo River, The production of Chinook and chum was the focus of the project from 1996-2004. In 2005, the project reduced production of Chinook and incorporated a weir operation to assess fish production on the Kincolith River.

The key benefits of this project include:


Partner group: Nisga'a Lisims Government
Project managers: Cheryl Stephens and Blair Stewart
Telephone: 250-633-2617

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