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Snootli Creek Hatchery


This location will be closed to drop-in visitors until further notice.

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About us

Completed in 1978, the Snootli Creek Hatchery’s mission is to rehabilitate the chum population in the Bella Coola River and its tributaries. The hatchery produces a number of salmonid species with adult salmon return numbers ranging from 360,000 to 2,160,000 depending on species, stock, release strategy and environmental factors. The Snootli Creek Hatchery has a long history of working with external initiatives to provide facilities and guidance for projects around the B.C. Central Coast.

Visiting the hatchery

The hatchery is undergoing major renovations to modernize its infrastructure and improve operations. It is closed to drop-in visitors until further notice. To visit the outdoor sections of the site, please contact us by phone to reserve a guided tour. Note that tours are subject to availability.

Address and contact information

Mailing address:
PO Box 95
Bella Coola BC V0T 1C0

Telephone: 250-982-2214
Fax: 250-982-2971
Hatchery manager: Haakon Hammer


Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm
Please telephone to reserve a guided tour.


The Snootli Creek Hatchery is located 12 kilometres east of Bella Coola at the head of the North Bentinck Arm on B.C.'s central coast. Head east of Bella Coola on Highway 20 and watch for signs.


Guided tours are provided depending on the number of staff available. Please call ahead for additional tour information and tours for large groups. For the safety of the public, no self-guided tours are permitted. Currently there are no public facilities at the site.

Key activities

Local fishing and community involvement

When can I see salmon?

Species Dates
Chum juveniles released in March
Chum eggtake July to August
Coho eggtake October to November
Coho juveniles year-round; released in May
Chinook eggtakes August to early November
Chinook juveniles released December to June
Sockeye eggtake August to October
Sockeye juveniles released February to May
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