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Photo: The Head of a Swimming Salmon

For thousands of years, the history, economy and culture of Canada's west coast have been inextricably linked to Pacific salmon. Fisheries and Oceans Canada is responsible for managing sockeye, pink, chum, chinook and coho salmon in a manner that balances conservation goals with Aboriginal, recreational and commercial fishing opportunities. Ongoing fisheries reform initiatives and commitments such as the Wild Salmon Policy will ensure the salmon resource exists far into the future. Continue reading: Pacific Salmon

Public Consultations – 2017/18 DRAFT Salmon North and South Coast IFMPs

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is soliciting comments regarding the 2017/18 DRAFT Integrated Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP) for Salmon. Your feedback is welcome as an important input into the development of this management plan.

This public consultation period is open to April 13, 2017.

Copies of the Draft IFMP are available upon request from

Please submit completed feedback or any questions to:

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Updating the Commercial Salmon Allocation Framework

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is undertaking an initiative to update the current commercial salmon allocation framework. To help guide effective discussion and clearly indicate the purpose and scope of this initiative, the Department will engage with the Commercial Salmon Advisory Board (CSAB) and First Nations under the Terms of Reference. Continue reading: Pacific Salmon

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