Pacific Salmon

Photo: Sockeye salmon swimming. Photo credit: Neil McDaniel

Sockeye salmon

Photo credit: Neil McDaniel

For thousands of years, the history, economy and culture of Canada's west coast have been inextricably linked to Pacific salmon. Fisheries and Oceans Canada is responsible for managing sockeye, pink, chum, chinook and coho salmon in a manner that balances conservation goals with Aboriginal, recreational and commercial fishing opportunities. Ongoing fisheries reform initiatives and commitments such as the Wild Salmon Policy will ensure the salmon resource exists far into the future.


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In Focus

Pacific white gold: The migration of Lower Fraser fall chinook

Photo: B.C. Institute of Technology student Courtney Lahue assists a DFO crew tagging spawning chinook salmon in the Harrison River

As spring arrives on the West Coast, an abundant yet unseen migration comes to life. Hundreds of millions of salmon fry leave their gravel nursery beds and move down their natal streams toward the ocean.


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