Before you go fishing: What you need to know

Start with these five questions:

  1. Can I go fishing now at this location?
  2. Is the gear I want to use legal and can I use it the way I want to in order to catch fish?
  3. What can I catch and retain here and in what amount?
  4. Do I have my licence and salmon stamp, do I need to record my catch on my licence?
  5. How do I clean, package and possess my catch so I can legally transport it to my ordinary residence?

You must possess a valid fishing licence

Licences are purchased annually and are good from April 1 to March 30.

Where are you going?

Discover area-specific regulations that affect your fishing spot by consulting our maps of:

Tidal Waters Fishing Areas

Map Icon: Tidal Water Fishing Areas BC

Freshwater Fishing Areas

Map Icon: Freshwater Fishing Regions BC

Clicking on the maps will take you to the area pages with specific regulation information including no-fishing zones, salmon limits and openings, and other information.

Fishing in a federal or provincial park? Check here for additional information.

What are the fishing regulations?

Salmon fishing

Finfish other than salmon

Shellfish harvesting

How do I fish responsibly?

Familiarize yourself with responsible fishing and boating practices:

Each time, before you go...

Find out up-to-date changes in limits, openings and closures by