Area 121

Salmon Limits, Openings and Closures

  • Combined daily limit for all salmon species from all waters: 4
  • Coastwide daily limit for chinook: 2

Salmon Limits, Openings & Closures
Species Min Size Daily Limit Possession Limit Annual Limit Season Gear
Additional info
45 cm 2 4 30 April 1 - March 31 Barbless Hook & Line
Chum 30 cm 4 8 N/A April 1 - March 31 Barbless Hook & Line
Hatchery Coho
30 cm 2 4 N/A June 1 - December 31 Barbless Hook & Line
Wild Coho See below for in-season decisions. June 1 - December 31  
Pink 30 cm 4 8 N/A April 1 - March 31 Barbless Hook & Line
30 cm See below for in-season decisions. April 1 - March 31 Barbless Hook & Line


  • Map: 2014 and 2015 coho and chinook openings for Areas 21, 22 and 121, Nitinat and Swiftsure Bank
  • Keeping your chinook salmon? You must record (in ink) all retained catch on your Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence.
  • Unless otherwise indicated below, daily limit of 2 chinook salmon, minimum size of 45 cm.

    • Aug. 1 - Oct. 15:
      • daily limit of 2 chinook, 1 may be greater than 77 cm in: that portion of Area 21, seaward of a line from the boundary sign about 1 mile southeast of Tsusiat Falls, then to a point near Clo-oose at coordinates 48 degrees 38.842N, 124 degrees 49.928W.
      • Shoreward of the line described above: daily limit of 2 chinook, minimum size limit of 45 cm.

    FN0623 2014-07-14



  • August 1st, 2014 until further notice: daily limit of 4 sockeye per day in those waters open to salmon fishing in:

    • Areas 11, 111, 12 and 13 (Queen Charlotte Sound, Queen Charlotte Strait, Johnstone Strait and Discovery Passage)
    • Areas 14 to 15, 17 to 19 (Strait of Georgia)
    • Area 20 (Juan de Fuca Strait)
    • Areas 121 and 123 to 127 (West Coast of Vancouver Island) Note: Area 23 is currently open to the retention of sockeye
    • Subarea 28-1 28-2 and 28-7 (portions of Howe Sound and Burrard Inlet)
    • Subareas 29-1 to 29-5 (Strait of Georgia)
    • Sockeye retention is not permitted in:
      • Area 16
      • Subarea 29-8 (Boundary Bay).

    FN0720 2014-07-30

Finfish (Other than Salmon)

For finfish limits, check the species and limits table

Halibut: Coastwide limits plus closure and opening dates.


Area 121 is closed to the harvest of all bivalve molluscs.

All Species, Closures and Special Measures

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve closed to scuba and skin diving for all species, all year. Includes all tidal waters within the park.

The waters of Swiftsure Bank are closed to all finfish, all year

  • inside a line from 48°34.00'N and 125°06.00'W, thence to 48°34.00'N and 124°54.20'W, thence to 48°29.62'N and 124°43.40'W, thence following the International Boundary between Canada and the U.S. to 48°29.55'N and 124°56.20'W, thence in a straight line to the point of commencement.

Map: Swiftsure Bank Closures

Rockfish Conservation Areas

Pachena Point
Dare Point

RCAs are closed to all recreational fishing except:
  • invertebrates by hand picking or dive
  • crab by trap
  • shrimp/prawn by trap
  • smelt by gillnet