Wild Salmon Policy

Image: cover of WSP documentCanada's Policy for Conservation of Wild Pacific Salmon (WSP) represents Fisheries and Oceans Canada's commitment to maintain healthy and diverse populations of salmon that will support sustainable fisheries now, and meet the needs of future generations. WSP places conservation of salmon and their habitat as the first priority for resource management and encourages people throughout British Columbia and the Yukon to contribute to decisions about salmon conservation that reflect societal values.


Restore and maintain healthy and diverse salmon populations and their habitats for the benefit and enjoyment of the people of Canada in perpetuity.


  • Safeguard the genetic diversity of wild Pacific salmon
  • Maintain habitat and ecosystem integrity
  • Manage fisheries for sustainable benefits


  1. Strategy 1: Standardized monitoring of wild salmon status

  2. Strategy 2: Assessment of habitat status

  3. Strategy 3: Inclusion of ecosystem values and monitoring

  4. Strategy 4: Integrated strategic planning

  5. Strategy 5: Annual program delivery

  6. Strategy 6: Performance review

Guiding Principles

  • Conservation of wild salmon and their habitats is the highest priority
  • Honour obligations to First Nations
  • Sustainable use
  • Open and transparent decision-making

Contact Information

WSP Coordinator:

Joanne Lawrence
Policy Analyst

Telephone: 604-666-7168

200-401 Burrard St.
Vancouver, BC V6C 3S4