Statistics and Port Sampling

The Statistics and Port Sampling programs support the stock assessment of groundfish species. Primary role is the collection and processing of biological samples and data from commercially caught groundfish.


Statistics Unit

The Statistics Unit is primarily involved with the processing of biological data collected by the Sampling Unit, contractors and other DFO staff members. Kate Rutherford is responsible for herding the data into GFBio, an Oracle database. Kate is loading the most recent data and backfilling previous years as time permits. There are currently just over 2.6 million specimens loaded into GFBio.

The Statistics Unit is also involved in some of the catch and effort data processing and participates in regional data initiatives, especially those related to catch monitoring.

For more information about the Statistics Unit, please contact Kate Rutherford

Port Sampling

The Port Sampling program operates smoothly under the direction of program head Greg Workman. Schon Acheson is the head port sampler and is based in Vancouver, while port sampling in Prince Rupert is by Kristina Anderson, with Scott Anderson currently standing in for Kris. Port samplers collect samples and related information from commercial landings whenever possible. They are often requested to collect special samples for projects such as stock identification using DNA.

The Port Sampling program has collected all available groundfish related photographs and put them on photo CD’s for easy access by other staff. In addition, they continue to obtain new photographs and are putting together a photo atlas of fish maturity stages. Some of the photos featured in these pages are from the Sampling Unit's photo CD compilation.

For more information about the Port Sampling Program, or about Pacific Region Observer Programs, please contact Greg Workman.

GFBio Database

GFBio is a relational database system for storing, maintaining, and gaining access to groundfish biological data. It was mainly developed in 1993-1994 by DFO staff in the Biological Sciences Branch and the Informatics Systems Division.

GFBio was designed to archive the data collected from, and pertaining to, individual fish samples. This data has been collected on groundfish species caught off the British Columbia coast since the 1940s from waterfront, observer, charter and research trip sampling activities. It typically includes information on individual specimens such as length, sex and age, together with the supporting sampling background data such as species, location and collection methodology. The primary purpose of GFBio is to be an archive of groundfish biological data in a standardized form. It is not intended for users to manipulate data within GFBio but instead to extract the data for use in the analytical package of their choice.

For more information about the GFBio database, please contact Kate Rutherford