Hartley Bay Salmon Hatchery


Project Name: Hartley Bay Salmon Hatchery

Partner Group: Hartley Bay Band Council

Contact Info:
Stan Robinson, Manager
Fax: 250-841-2541

Project Description

The Hartley Bay Salmon Hatchery is located on the Gabion River in the First Nations reservation known on maps as Hartley Bay, called Txalgiu. Hartley Bay, the home community of the Gitga’at (People of the Cane) First Nation, lies about 90 miles southeast of Prince Rupert and 50 miles southwest of Kitimat, at the confluence of Grenville and Douglas Channels. The hatchery is owned and operated by the Hartley Bay Band Council. The project was initiated in 1982 to produce maximum economic gain from adult production by selecting run components that are vulnerable to troll and existing net fisheries that arrive in terminal areas in marketable condition. The project consists mainly of a hatchery used for the enhancing and out-planting coho salmon fry to hanging lakes for increased First Nation food fishing, recreational fishing opportunities, and indirect commercial fishing opportunities. 

Current project objectives are:

  • Community employment;
  • Native food fish production;
  • Support sport and commercial fisheries;
  • Provide community education and stewardship opportunities in schools and to adults; and
  • Stream assessment