Integrated Fisheries Management Plan SEP data tables

These data tables are a component of the Integrated Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP). For more information and for complete IFMP documents please refer to: Fisheries and Oceans Canada's (DFO's) fisheries management program - Integrated Fisheries Management Plans

The IFMP SEP data tables address production only from SEP facilities that undertake fish cultivation, and do not include production from the smaller public involvement projects or production of steelhead or cutthroat (which are provincially managed). The IFMP SEP data tables contain two sets of data: Post-Season Production, and the Production Plan, which includes proposed target production for the upcoming brood year.

Post-season production

The data tables for post-season production list the previous year’s proposed release targets and the production that took place during the associated brood year.

Common reasons why discrepancies may exist between the release target and the actual release include:

Common reasons why there is a target but no associated release, OR a release with no associated target include:

Production plan

The Production Plan lists the production events that are to take place in the upcoming brood year. The targets result from a production planning process that operates within the consultative framework of an integrated harvest planning process which is used to develop the IFMP. In-season changes made after the IFMP is finalized are not included.

For enquiries regarding content within the IFMP, please contact the DFO Pacific Salmon Management Team.