Weaver Creek Spawning Channel

The Weaver Creek Spawning Channel was built in 1965 to provide additional spawning habitat for sockeye salmon. In this channel, which is three kilometres long, sockeye salmon, and smaller numbers of chum and pink salmon, deposit their eggs naturally. Since this channel was built as an extension to the existing Weaver Creek, more salmon can spawn naturally than in the creek alone. The channel holds about 45,000 spawning adults. Recent returns to the system range from 1,000 to 100,000 adults. The spawning channel provides a stable flow of clean water for the salmon eggs and alevins in the gravel. As a result, the channel is protected from flooding and/or freezing that could kill eggs and alevins.


The channel is located between Mission and Agassiz, 12 kilometres north of the Lougheed Highway on Morris Valley Road. Take Lougheed Highway (Highway 7) east out of Mission for approximately 30 km to Harrison Mills. Turn north on Morris Valley Road and travel for about 12 km to reach Weaver Creek Spawning channel.

Visiting the Hatchery

All tours on site are self-guided. There is a picnic area, public parking and portable toilets for general use. The site is open from 8 am to 4 pm.

When can I see salmon?

Peak spawning activity is October 15-20.

Species Dates
Spawning sockeye October 6 to November 1

Fish Production

Annual fish releases are available through a query to the release database.


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Key Activities

  • Fish production to support sustainable fisheries
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