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Bate - Shadwell Passage Rockfish Conservation Area

Map: Rockfish Conservation Area boundary and proposed changes

Description of current Rockfish Conservation Area boundary

Those waters of Subarea 12-12 that lie inside a line that:

begins at 50°56.000'N 127°50.263'W Cape James
then to 50°55.800'N 127°48.000'W in water
then to 50°54.960'N 127°44.155'W Cholberg Point
then southerly following the
shoreline of Nigel Island to
50°53.757'N 127°48.984'W Nigei Island
then to 50°54.288'N 127°49.942'W Pivot Point

then northerly following the shoreline to the beginning point.

Proposed boundary change

Extend portions of the northern boundary by up to 600 metres.

Reason(s) for proposed boundary change

Capture complete habitat structures.

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