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Browning Island to Raynor Group Rockfish Conservation Area

Map: Rockfish Conservation Area boundary and proposed changes

Description of current Rockfish Conservation Area boundary

Those waters of Subarea 12-13 that lie inside a line that:

begins at 50°52.347'N 127°10.829'W Aylmer Point
then to 50°52.300'N 127°12.733'W Gillot Rock
then to 50°52.790'N 127°14.253'W Raynor Group
then following the
northeasterly shoreline to
50°53.123'N 127°14.802'W Raynor Group
then to 50°53.094'N 127°14.967'W Brandon Rock
then to 50°53.917'N 127°18.827'W Shell Islet
then to 50°53.734'N 127°19.654'W Browning Islands
then following the
northeasterly shoreline to
50°53.908'N 127°20.085'W Browning Islands
then to 50°55.017'N 127°21.939'W Stuart Point

then easterly following the shoreline to the beginning point.

Proposed boundary change

Extend portions of the southern boundary by up to 1 kilometre.

Reason(s) for proposed boundary change

Capture complete habitat structures.

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