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Dickson - Polkinghorne Islands Rockfish Conservation Area

Map: Rockfish Conservation Area boundary and proposed changes

Description of current Rockfish Conservation Area boundary

Those waters of Subareas 12-7 and 12-41 that lie inside a line that:

begins at 50°50.050'N 126°58.100'W Ommaney Islet
then to 50°50.300'N 126°56.850'W Dickson Island
then following the northerly
shoreline of Dickson Island to
50°50.550'N 126°56.033'W Dickson Island
then to 50°50.700'N 126°55.574'W Bourmaster Point
then southerly following
the shoreline to
50°50.225'N 126°54.300'W Tidal Rapids
then to 50°50.195'N 126°54.300'W Tidal Rapids
then southerly following
the shoreline to
50°48.300'N 126°53.000'W Card Point
then to 50°47.183'N 126°54.600'W Brig Rock
then to 50°47.200'N 126°54.890'W Fantome Point
then following the northereasterly
shoreline of Pokinghorne Islands to
50°48.216'N 126°56.541'W Polkinghorne Islands
then to 50°48.820'N 126°56.445'W Vincent Island
then to 50°49.220'N 126°57.382'W Percy Island

then to the beginning point.

Proposed boundary change

Reason(s) for proposed boundary change

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