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Dunira Rockfish Conservation Area

No boundary change proposed at this time.

Map: Rockfish Conservation Area boundary and proposed changes

Description of current Rockfish Conservation Area boundary

Those waters of Subarea 4-1 that lie inside a line that:

begins at 54°24.148'N 130°55.265'W south tip of Connel Islands
then to 54°25.550'N 130°50.100'W Farwest Point
then following the
southerly shoreline
of Dunira Island to
54°25.167'N 130°43.853'W Dunira Island
then to 54°24.720'N 130°43.135'W Melville Island
then following the
northerly shoreline
of Melville Island to
54°22.300'N 130°47.000'W Melville Island
then to 54°19.600'N 130°58.200'W in water

then to the beginning point.

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